Ray Williams
2014-16 IPF Super Heavyweight Raw Champion
The former All-American Football player from Mississippi exploded onto the International Powerlifting scene in 2014, and has since become the first man to ever squat over 1,000lbs in knee sleeves. He has been the IPF super heavyweight champion for the past three years.
Best Squat 477.5kg (1053lbs) [Official WR]
Best Bench Press: 245kg (540lbs)
Best Deadlift 392.5kg (865lbs) [Official WR]
Best Total: 1,105kg (2,436lbs) [Official WR]
Kimberly Walford
2013 & 2014 IPF Best Female Raw Lifter
Kimberly has dominated Raw Powerlifting for team USA, winning the World Title in the 63kg Class in 2012 & 2013, before moving up to the 72kg Class in 2014 to win the World Title another three times. She was the Best Female Raw Lifter across all classes in 2013 & 2014.
Best Squat: 186kg (410lbs)
Best Bench Press: 115kg (243lbs)
Best Deadlift: 245kg (540lbs) [Official WR]
Best Total: 540kg (1,190lbs) [Official WR]
Stephen Manuel
2015 IPF World 105kg Raw Bronze Medallist
With his passionate on stage performances and impressive training ethic, Stephen has taken podium positions at the World Championships in 2013 & 2014 for Great Britain as a 93kg lifter, before moving up to the 105kg class to take the bronze medal in 2015.
Best Squat: 325kg (717lbs)
Best Bench Press: 209kg (461lbs)
Best Deadlift: 335.5kg (740lbs)
Best Total: 869.5kg (1,917lbs)