Ray Williams
2014 IPF World Super Heavyweight Raw Powerlifting Champion
The former All-American Football player, hailing from Mississippi, exploded onto the International Powerlifting scene in 2014, taking the much-coveted Super Heavyweight Title at the IPF World Powerlifting
Best Squat 422.5kg (931lbs) [Unofficial WR]
Best Bench Press: 242.5kg (535lbs)
Best Deadlift 340kg (750lbs)
Best Total: 1,000kg (2,205lbs) [Unofficial WR]
Kimberly Walford
2013 & 2014 IPF Best Female Raw Lifter
Kimberly has dominated Raw Powerlifting for team USA, winning the World Title in the 63kg Class in 2012 & 2013, before moving up to the 72kg Class in 2014 to win her third consecutive World Title, and being awarded the Best Female Raw Lifter across all classes in 2013 & 2014.
Best Squat: 186kg (410lbs) [Official WR]
Best Bench Press: 110kg (243lbs)
Best Deadlift: 240kg (529lbs) [Official WR]
Best Total: 536kg (1,182lbs) [Official WR]
Stephen Manuel
2014 IPF World 93kg Raw Powerlifting Bronze Medallist
With his passionate on stage performances and impressive training ethics, Stephen has established himself as a contender on the international circuit, taking podium positions at the World Championships in 2013 & 2014 for Great Britain.
Best Squat: 300kg (661lbs)
Best Bench Press: 197.5kg (435lbs)
Best Deadlift: 315kg (694lbs)
Best Total: 800kg (1,764lbs)