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Designed specifically for wrist support and pressing movements. Featuring a heavy duty thumb loop alongside industrial fastening to ensure longevity and security.

Endure is a limited edition collection, offering the same performance and are manufactured to the same high standards as our classic product line.

The stiff wrist wraps are designed to immobilise the wrist, and are designed for maximal pressing. The flexible wrist wraps still provide a lot of support, but allow for some movement in the wrist and offer greater comfort. The majority of athletes prefer a medium-length, flexible wrist wrap, suitable for a variety of exercises.

  • Sold as a pair
  • Limited edition colourway (green and black)
  • IPF approved with the maximum width (8cm) and available up to the maximum length (1m)
  • Proprietary wide elastics developed and manufactured specifically for wrist support
  • Left and right designs for equal wrapping of each wrist
  • Manufactured in Great Britain

How to measure

Most athletes prefer a medium-length, flexible wrist wrap, suitable for a variety of exercises.

If you have a very small wrist, we would then recommend going for the small length. The large flexible wrap is ideal for those wanting a versatile wrap which, depending on how many times it is wrapped, can be altered to be more or less supportive.

Athletes looking for maximal support can try the stiff version of our wrist wraps, which we would typically recommend as a second pair of wrist wraps to complement our flexible wraps.

Care instructions

We recommend hand washing the wrist wraps with warm water and a mild detergent, and then allow the wraps to air dry. Do not machine wash or put through a tumble dryer, as this can damage the material of the wrist wraps.


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