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Heavyweight black torso fabric manufactured from Meryl® and Lycra® fibres to stay soft and breathable, while providing durability and compression.

  • Red trim fabric in Nylon and Lycra® to minimise restriction and aid comfort
  • Elasticised leg bands for a secure fit around the legs
  • Rubber edging for a clean, professional finish around the straps
  • IPF approved and IWF compliant
  • Manufactured in Great Britain

How to measure

Our singlets are manufactured from a stretch fabric, as such the sizing is quite forgiving. If in doubt, take the smaller size. However, athletes who are taller or shorter for their weight class are recommended to adjust up or down by one size respectively.

Care instructions

Hand wash your singlet with a mild detergent in warm water, leaving the garment to air dry. Do not put the singlet through a tumble dryer as the heat can affect the material of the garment.


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