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Knee Sleeves


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Manufactured with high grade 7mm neoprene, designed to minimise the risk of injury and to aid performance. Relied on by strength athletes around the world, these 7mm knee sleeves are ideal for powerlifting and heavy training. 

If you are new to wearing knee sleeves we recommend going with the recommended fit instead of sizing down, especially if you fall on size medium or smaller.

  • Sold as a pair
  • Reinforced seam construction to maximise longevity
  • Ideal for powerlifting movements, such as squats and maximal lifts
  • 7mm high-grade neoprene
  • Approved IPF and IWF compliant with the maximum allowable 30cm length
  • Manufactured in Great Britain

How to measure

Measure the circumference of your knee joint with your leg out straight, keeping your muscles relaxed. Measure around the centre of your kneecap (at the patella), and around the thickest part of your calf. If your calf is more than 4cm larger than your knee, then you may wish to size up to ensure a good fit.

If you want a tight fit best suited to powerlifting and squatting, we recommend sizing down. A regular fitting knee sleeve will be snug.

Care instructions 

We recommend hand–washing your knee sleeves with water or a mild detergent (or a specialist neoprene/wetsuit detergent), then allow the sleeves to air dry standing up.

The spin cycle of a washing machine can damage the sleeve, as the knee sleeves become quite bulky when wet and can potentially get caught up or damaged by wringing. High heat from a washing machine or a dryer will degrade the rubber in the sleeves (potentially causing shrinkage or brittleness).

5 reviews for Knee Sleeves

  1. Kevin (verified owner)

    Highly recommend! Very solid product and excellent customer service, ordered a large pair but didn’t suit and they exchanged for XL with no hassle . Would buy again

  2. Antoni Serret Matamoros (verified owner)

    It really makes a difference on SQ, quality is outstanding. Got 41cm knee and 43cm calf and ordered an M, tight af which I wanted. True to size.
    PS: Excellent customer service and fast delivery 10/10

  3. Jeroen Nouwens

    I bought these in my home country of the Netherlands, from SBD.nl, so I don’t think I can be verified as a product owner by SBD.com; but I’d like to leave a review anyway — a positive one. I own these sleeves for quite a while now, well over a year. They still fit like they were new, there’s no seams loose, and they function just great. They do tend to smell a bit, especially after a sweltering summer-training session, so do allow them to air afterward and don’t leave them steaming in your car or gym bag. I’m not sure if they like to be exposed to direct sunlight. I make sure to not leave them out in the elements.

    I still remember my first time training with these on squats. It felt great. I’m a deep squatter and these sleeves don’t impede my squat, but they enhance it. There’s more ‘spring’ to it and, if that makes sense, more tactile feeling, i.e. more feedback from my knees to my brain.

    The most important benefit of these sleeves is that — and this is just personal anecdote — I never suffer from a sudden sharp pain anymore in one of my knees, which was something that did happen a few times a year during warm-ups; and then the training was finished. Maybe it’s the fact that these sleeves keep the joint warmer or just slightly reduce a bit of range of motion (the very end part), but as I said I like to squat deep.

    I also always wear these sleeves when deadlifting. This is perhaps not recommended, but my sleeves show no signs of wear and tear because of this. So if you wish, these are even suitable for other movements. I want to mention, too, that I squat at least twice a week, so my knee sleeves have seen quite a bit of use over time.

    The only possible drawback is their price tag; but you get your money’s value. For me, I think it’s also important to support the more local or regional businesses (these are made in the UK, I think), instead of making choices that make jobs disappear to places where there are lower standards in some respects, for example the environment. I don’t want to make a political rant here, but I personally prefer to pay a little extra to get my products or services from around the corner. If some really faraway place really does make the best for a reasonable price, that’s great and I buy that. For this reason, my camera came from Japan, and my tent from Sweden, et cetera…

    Just recently, SBD launched the weightlifting knee sleeves. Perhaps these would be even better for me, so I’m saving up for them and maybe one day I can leave a review of them here too. In conclusion, I highly recommend SBD’s knee sleeves (5 out of 5).

  4. Marius Simonsen

    I have been using my for 4=5 years now and the only problem is i need a bigger size 😊.

  5. Joseph Webb

    I have only recently received these sleeves but I must say I have been thoroughly impressed with the service from SBD throughout the entire process. I had questions about the sizing I would need which was responded to via email by Marcelina (who has helped me on other occasions), within a few hours. I have a 41cm knee and was recommended an XL. They are so tight I struggle to walk in them some days, and I love them. It may be a placebo but it feels like my squat capacity has jumped MASSIVELY since using them.

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