World’s Strongest Man T-Shirt


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Crafted by our team in Great Britain, our T-shirts are proudly made with the same attention to detail and to the same high standards as the equipment relied upon by the world’s strongest athletes since our founding, as they compete to become the World’s Strongest Man.

Check the size guide before purchasing to ensure you’ve got the right size, as the new cut may fit differently than our previous shirts.

  • The official SBD World’s Strongest Man T-shirt
  • Available in women’s and men’s fits
  • Comfortable and durable, designed to endure years of use in training
  • Constructed from cotton knitted in Great Britain

How to measure

The measurements for our T-shirts are based off of chest circumference.

Care instructions

We recommend washing the T-shirt at a maximum temperature of 40 degrees Celsius. Where possible, allow the shirt to air-dry. If you must use a tumble drier, then we suggest using a cold setting.

Avoid ironing the printed logo, as this may damage the print.